Family Services

"I am so grateful for all of the supoprt.  I couldn't have done it without YOU!"


WAMY’S Total Family Development program helps families increase their income by assisting them with educational or employment goals.  

EDUCATION:  Staff work with clients to create an individualized plan of action to increase their education or get short-term training in order to obtain employment. The program can provide assistance with transportation and fuel expenses, childcare expenses, phone and utility expenses, and career readiness. Upon graduation, WAMY will assist with seeking and obtaining employment.

EMPLOYMENT:  Staff work with clients to identify their skills, provide assistance with career readiness skills and employer contacts, counsel and train financial management techniques and budgeting, and enhance job searching skills. It is designed to help clients seek and obtain employment.

To qualify for Total Family Development, your family income must be at 125% of poverty or below.  See chart below:

Melinda came to WAMY when she was 22 years old.  She was in school working on a Criminal Justice degree.  Melinda was struggling – both emotionally and financially.  She had been trying to make it on her own – working as many as 30 hours per week while she was in school.  But she had just gotten an internship out of town and she knew her very old car would not be able to make the daily drive without some significant repairs.

Melinda did not have an easy childhood.  Both of her parents were addicts so, for the most part, she raised herself.  There were no rules.  She did what she wanted, ate what she could find and did the best she could.  She says that she would watch TV shows and see families eating together, having bedtimes and rules and she knew that was “normal”.  She also knew that she didn’t have that.  So, she did what many other troubled kids do – she acted out and found herself with a criminal record at an early age.  Finally, she was removed from the home and placed into foster care.  She tells a story about the first time her foster parent announced that it was time to brush her teeth and go to bed.  Melinda jumped up and ran to the bathroom because she was so excited to have a “normal” family and someone that cared enough to make her brush her teeth and go to bed at a certain time. 

As an adult, Melinda’s dream is to help other young people from similar situations. Thanks to your support, WAMY was able to help Melinda with her car repairs and gas to her internship..  We helped her get her record expunged and worked with her to increase her credit score.  “I am so grateful for all the support.  Car repairs are so expensive and I couldn’t have done it without you”, says Melinda. 

We are so proud to announce that Melinda graduated and is now working full-time.  She is married, and volunteers as a guardian ad litem.  She is truly living her dream.