Housing Services

WAMY's housing program works to make homes more  energy efficient, usually through the installation of insulation, air sealing and duct sealing.  Families typically save 30%-35% on their heating/cooling costs.  If you qualify, WAMY can also clean, repair and possibly even replace your current heating or cooling system.  

If your home is drafty, hard to heat or cool, or if you have high energy bills, WAMY may be able to help! 

To qualify for the weatherization program and have insulation and air sealing work done, your family must be below 200% of poverty.  For the heating replacement and repair, you must be below 150%.  See chart below.  

“I don’t want to leave my home” is what Ms. Patty said when she came into the office. But that was her reality. Patty’s home was literally falling in around her. The kitchen floor was caving in, the walls were molded and she had no heat. Fortunately, folks in Avery County still care about their neighbors. Two agencies, WAMY and Appalachia Service Project, were able to raise enough money to keep Patty in her home. Her kitchen floor was replaced, the walls were rebuilt and insulated, and she got a handicap entrance to her home. She also got a high efficiency heat pump for the home. Patty’s electric bills were up to $400 per month. Now, she is saving $150 each month that she puts towards her medical expenses. Thanks to neighbors like you, she doesn’t have to choose between her health and her comfort.