Housing Services

WAMY's housing program works to make homes more  energy efficient, usually through the installation of insulation, air sealing and duct sealing.  Families typically save 30%-35% on their heating/cooling costs.  If you qualify, WAMY can also clean, repair and possibly even replace your current heating or cooling system.  

If your home is drafty, hard to heat or cool, or if you have high energy bills, WAMY may be able to help! 

To qualify for the program, your family must be below 200% of poverty.  See chart below.  

For most of us snow days and freezing cold temperatures are simply an inconvenience, but for others, like Sondra, it’s the scary reality of living in a home that’s cold and unsafe.In the wintertime, Sondra doesn’t simply worry about how she’ll make it to the grocery store. She worries about how she’s going to keep everyone warm. She gets busy putting towels under all the doors to stop the drafts. The cardboard over the broken windows is no match for the frigid air. She grabs all the blankets from the closet to make sure everyone can at least be warm in bed. Last year, Sondra reached out to WAMY for help with her home. During the initial visit, staff discovered that the home needed a lot of work. The house is over 85 years old and Sondra’s old kerosene heater didn’t even begin to keep it warm. WAMY insulated the attic, walls and floor of the home and replaced the broken window panes. All the cracks and holes were air sealed to make the home energy efficient. Now, Sondra’s daughter, whose room is upstairs, actually gets too hot. This family is finally warm in their home which makes their snow days much more bearable. Sondra’s story is not uncommon. Her reality is similar to those all throughout the high country. Everyday people who are forced to focus on life threatening problems during the winter months instead of the tedious things like bad roads and inconvenient cancellations. WAMY provides the resources to make sure that these families are warm and safe. We believe in the value of neighbor helping neighbor. After all, isn’t that what a community is all about?