Family Services

WAMY’S Total Family Development program helps families increase their income by assisting them with educational or employment goals.  

EDUCATION:  Staff work with clients to create an individualized plan of action to increase their education or get short-term training in order to obtain employment. The program can provide assistance with transportation and fuel expenses, childcare expenses, phone and utility expenses, and career readiness. Upon graduation, WAMY will assist with seeking and obtaining employment.

EMPLOYMENT:  Staff work with clients to identify their skills, provide assistance with career readiness skills and employer contacts, counsel and train financial management techniques and budgeting, and enhance job searching skills. It is designed to help clients seek and obtain employment.

To qualify for Total Family Development, your family income must be at 100% of poverty or below.  See chart below:

WAMY has been such a great blessing to my family. When I was in school and struggling. I enrolled into the Total Family Development program. The staff at WAMY quickly treats you like family. They helped me with gas to commute to the college. When my tires were bald and dangerous, they helped me with new ones. After graduation, I was assisted with job placement. They helped with uniforms so I could report to my new job as a nurse. Basically, they assisted until I could gain self-sufficiency and stand on my own two feet. I am so grateful for all the help that was given by WAMY. It is not a hand out but just the help that you need to succeed. Sometimes just a bit of encouragement is all you need to see you through. Faith in mankind is restored through their services. I am grateful that they helped me succeed in gaining my nursing license and a job. I can now share a decent life with my son and instill in him that his dreams are possible. This program breaks the cycle of dependency and shows compassion for those struggling to reach their goals. I am now a nurse working with in the community, taking my turn in serving those in need. I am forever thankful to my WAMY family for helping me reach my dreams. This is an excellent program and I am so proud to say that I was able to be a part of it.