WAMY-Opening Doors in Avery County

Why should a nonprofit do an open house, you may ask? Just the same as a real estate business hosting an open house to showcase the house they are trying to sell, a nonprofit should have an open house to showcase the programs they provide to the community that needs those services. WAMY Community Action, Inc. has been in the same office in Avery County for over 15 years with staff in and out of the office. However, with time, things are changing at the WAMY Avery office and on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017; WAMY opened the Avery doors to the community for open house. WAMY now has 2 full time staff stationed in the Avery office. The office staff of WAMY set up a food tent with free hot dogs with sides and also hosted a free raffle to give away prizes to everyone that shared their email address with WAMY for further information about our organization. We had a great turnout at Avery's open house and hope that by opening the doors to the community for a day will also help the community realize that WAMY's doors are open to every member of the community in their time of need. Even if WAMY cannot personally help a client, WAMY will refer that client to another organization and even act as a liaison for that client and the next organization they come into contact with. WAMY's overall goal is to break the cycle of poverty. #breakingthecycleofpoverty